Top three major projects of SUPCON pressure transmitter in Northeast three-province in the first-half of 2019.

01. Liaoning— Liaoning Cynda Co., LTD

Liaoning Cynda is one of the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Shandong Cynda(Group) Co., Ltd, located at Huludao City, Liaoning province. Cynda is one of leading agro-chemical companies in China, they are expert in Imidazolinone herbicides (Imazethapyr, Imazapyr, Imazaquin, Imazapic and Imazamox) and cyclohexdione herbicides (Clethodim and Sethoxydim), Clomazone, and Dimethomorph etc.

After three rounds of bidding, SUPCON wins their pressure transmitter project of annual output 6000T active compound and 10000T preparations, which will use total 482 pcs pressure transmitters. Once completed, the project will be the leading enterprise of fine chemicals industry in Niaoxi area, Liaoning province,  and will meanwhile bring about the business opportunities for SUPCON pressure transmitter.

top three project 1

02. Jilin— Jinli Zirui New Material Co., Ltd

Jinli Zirui New Material Co., Ltd is a subunit of CNPC Jihua Group, in their bid of 2019 new construction 1 Tons/Year-EAQ and 10.8 Tons/year Sulfur-containing waste liquor incineration integrated unit, SUPCON Instrument stands out from other 8 transmitter manufactures, successfully get the project of total 220 pcs pressure transmitters.

Mudanjiang Hengfeng Paper Co., Ltd (hereafter the company), a subsidiary company of Hengfeng Group, located right at the communication center of the southeast part of Heilongjiang Province. Currently it is the one of the most important manufacture of cigarette-related papers in the whole world and also the first high-tech company in domestic paper making industry, which has been listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code:600356) in 2001.

In the bid of new production line of P19 and P20, 5 tons/year food wrapper project, through competed with Yokogawa, Emerson, Honeywell and other famous brand pressure transmitter at the same time, SUPCON pressure transmitter wins the bidding based on the excellent quality and experienced presale support in the end. The project will use 210 pcs pressure transmitters in total.