Recently, SUPCON safety barrier HD5500 Series get the international explosion-proof IECEx certification, which means SUPCON Safety barrier is suitable for interfacing solution between safe and hazardous area in the international project. Nowadays, SUPCON HD5500 series saftey barrier have got the SIL-3 (Safety Integrity level Level) certification, CE certification, IECEx certification so as to better suit the customer demands of the international markets.

HD5500 Series safety barriers are designed explicitly according to lastest national standard for protection of electrical signals located in hazardous areas.

Installed in safe areas, HD5500 series isolated barriers work in company with intrinsically safe instruments located in hazardous areas to guarantee a totally IS explosion protection system. With the inside signal transfer module, HD5500 series isolated barriers can also play the roles of RTD temperature transmitter, thermocouple temperature transmitter and mV transmitter, as well as repeater power supply, solenoid drived and so on.

HD5500 safety barriers

All the analogue input/output and digital input/output models have been assessed for use in SIL 3 safety function according to IEC61508 by BUREAU VERITAS, while SIL2 for temperature converter models. Contact us to find the safety manual for reference if needed.