Touch Screen paperless recorder AR7000

The AR7000 touch screen paperless recorder, which with up to 1GB NAND Flash inbuilt memory, consists of 60 function modules, 16 analog input, 3 digital input, 3 pulse inputs, 4 analog output, 16 digital output. It offers data calculation, display, recorder, alarm, analytic reports, statistic reports and high-speed sampling period. With RS-232/RS-485 serials communication or the Ethernet interface, real-time monitor, remote diagnosis, settings management and history transfer can be fully utilized.
The AR7000 with 7” color LCD touch operation panel, the front panel comes up to IP65.

  • 8 Pulse-Width Modulation
  • 8 Timers
  • 60 Functions
  • 0.5s Sample Period
  • 1 GB Inbuilt Memory
  • Event & Statistics logs
  • Mass flow compensation
  • Flag logs
  • Message logs
  • RLZ Temperature Formula
  • 4-level user authority
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Touch screen paperless recorder, SUPCON AR7000 series, which is an operational recorder with 60 maths functions, not only can accomplish statistics, count, interlock and timing control, but also can start/stop recording automatically.

AR3100 Paperless recorder


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