SUPCON Smart Pressure transmitter

SUPCON has two series of smart pressure transmitter CJT and CXT, both series are designed for various industries including Petroleum, Power, Chemical, Metallurgy, Pharmacy, Light industry and more.


Why SUPCON smart pressure transmitter could perform better accuracy and stability? It is a result of advanced technology as following:

  • Dual temperature sensor compensation.
  • Advanced MEMS technology of sensor and core components.
  • Auto calibration system.
  • Strict quality management system.

Because of those advanced technologies, not only improving the accuracy of smart pressure transmitter and long-term stability and reliability but also improving production efficiency and reducing lead time.

CJT series 

  • Sensor:             metal diaphragm
  • Accuracy:         up to 0.1%
  • Turn down:      40:1
  • Stability time:  ±0.1% / 1 year

CXT series

  • Sensor:              monocrystalline silicon
  • Accuracy:          up to 0.035%
  • Turn down:       100:1
  • Stability time:  ±0.1% / 10 year

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