SL20 Float Level Gauge

SL20 float level gauge (switch output), also known as float level switch, is a kind of level control switch. It can bear the pressure of 2.5MPa at most, which is especially suitable for liquid level control or alarm in inflammable, explosive and closed high pressure occasions.

√ Safe and reliable operation with high stability

√ Easy installation, maintenance-free

√ A group of normally open and normally closed passive

√ Contacts are used for liquid level alarm or control

Download the catalog:SISL2-PTEH-00A-qqjjfa.pdf


Technical Parameter

Measuring rangeH≤5500mm
Installation lengthL≤5700mm


Power supply24V DC
Output(4 ~ 20)mA output, two-wire system
Output load(0 ~ 500)Ω
Enclosure protection grade of junction boxIP 67
Measuring medium temperatureNormal temperature(-20 ~ 80)°C

High temperature (80~ 150)°C

Measuring medium pressure≤1.0MPa (In case of special order, the maximum pressure shall not exceed 2.5MPa)
Measuring medium conditionsViscosity ≤ 0.07Pa.S
Density of Φ45 and Φ52 floats l ≥ 0.8g/cm3
Φ90 and Φ75 floats, various liquids with a density ≥ 0.68g/cm3
Explosion-proof typeFlameproof: Ex d II C T6 Gb
Standard float size (304 material)Φ75, Φ52, Φ45

SL20 float controller

Working pressure≤ 1MPa
Working temperature≤ 150°C
Contact capacitySPDT AC250V 0.3A
DC 24V 3A
DC 12V 5A
Medium density≥ 0.65g/cm3
Explosion-proof typeFlameproof: Ex d II C T6 Gb
Protection levelIP67
Flange standardDesign according to the flange standard specified by the user

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