SL10 Magnetic Column Liquid Level Gauge

SL10 Magnetic Column Liquid Level Gauge can be used to detect the liquid level and boundary position of various tower, tank, spherical vessel and boiler.It is not affected by temperature change, and there is no blind area in the whole process. It can display on the spot, remote output and control alarm, widely used in electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, environmental protection, shipping, food and other industries.

√ Corrosion resistance, explosion-proof
√ Large measuring range, not limited by the height of the container
√ Intuitive display, variable display direction

Download the catalog: SISL1-PTEN-00A


Technical Parameter

Measuring range(300 ~ 6000)mm (Center distance of mounted flange)
Display accuracy±10mm
Operating pressure(0 ~ 16)MPa
Operating temperature(-40 ~ 250) (Special temperature can be customized)
Medium density≥450kg/m3 (Measuring liquid level)
Medium density difference≥ 150kg/m3 (Measuring limit)
Medium viscosity≤150cP
Wetted material304, 316L, PP or PVC, PTFE
Process connectionOptional flange standard
Power supplyDC (16 ~ 30)V
Output signal(4 ~ 20)mA
Ambient temperature(-40 ~ +60)℃
Explosion proof typeFlameproof type: Ex d Ⅱ C T2 ~ T6 Gb
Protection levelIP65
Electrical interfaceM(20×1.5) (Or other options)
Contact capacityAC 220V/0.3A or DC 24V/3A
Output typeNormally open normally closed contact
Power supplyDC 24V or AC 220V

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