SF20 Smart Metal Tube Float Flowmeter

SF20 intelligent metal tube rotameter is a kind of flow instrument commonly used in industrial automation process control. It is small in size, wide in detection range and easy to use, which can be used to measure the flow of liquid, gas and steam, especially for the measurement of low velocity, small flow rate, high temperature, high pressure, strong corrosion, conductive or nonconductive medium.
√ Increase geomagnetic compensation

√ Rich and diverse indicator forms

√ Powerful software function

√ With dual indicator system

√ Advanced self-damping indicator

√ Unique measuring tube and magnetic coupling structure

√ Scientific lead interface

√ Superior anti-interference performance

√ Opto-isolated output for easy connection

√ Full range of installation methods and various power supply methods

Download the catalog:SISF2-PDEN-00A-rqjafx.pdf


Technical Parameter

Measuring range:                 Water(20℃ )(1-200000)L/h, Air(20℃, 0.1013MPa)(0.05 ~ 3000)m3 /h

Turn down:                            Standard type 10:1 Special type 20:1
Accuracy leve:                       Standard type: grade 1.5

Special type:                          grade 1.0

Gas type:                                grade 1.5

Pressure rating:                    Standard type:  DN(15 ~ 50)≤4.0MPa

DN(80 ~ 200)≤1.6MPa

Special type:                        DN(15 ~ 50) ≤ 32MPa
DN(80 ~ 200) ≤ 16MPa (the pressure level of jacket is 1.6Mpa, please confirm with the factory before selecting and ordering special type)
Connection mode:              Standard mode: flange type, sanitary clamp type, thread type and sanitary thread type. For special requirements, please confirm before ordering.
Jacket connection:             Standard type: flange connection HG20592 DN15/PN1.6MPa

Special type:                         according to user requirements

Medium temperature:       Standard type: (-20 ~ +120)℃

PTFE:                                    (0 ~ 80)℃

High temperature type:    (120 ~ 450)℃(Explosion proof type 400℃ )

Low temperature type:     (-80 ~ -20)℃Ambient temperature
Ambient temperature:     Remote type: (-40 ~ +85)℃ The LCD works normally at (- 30 ~ + 80) ℃

Local pointer type / local alarm type:(-40 ~ +100)℃

Intrinsically safe and flameproof type:(-40 ~ +60)℃
Cable interface:                 M20*1.5 Internal thread

Power supply:                   Standard type: DC 24V Two-wire system (4 ~ 20)mA, DC (12V~ 32V)
Alarm type:                       DC 24V Multi wire system (4 ~ 20)mA, DC( 12V~ 32V)

AC type:                             AC (100 ~ 240)V (50 ~ 60)Hz

Battery type:                  [email protected] Lithium battery, three years service life
Load characteristics:   RLmax=600Ω Intrinsically safe type: 500Ω
Alarm output:               Upper and lower limit instantaneous flow alarm: optocoupler isolated Darlington tube output (internal power supply DC 24 V, max current 8mA, external power supply [email protected] );

Local alarm type:         upper limit, lower limit or instantaneous flow alarm;

Reed switch alarm:       contact capacity [email protected], normally open and normally closed is optional.The upper and lower limit alarm holding range is 60% of the range, and the minimum interval is 10% of the range.
Pulse output:                 The cumulative pulse output adopts optocoupler isolated Darlington tube (internal DC 24 V power supply, maximum current 8 mA).
Protection level:           IP65
Explosion proof mark:Intrinsically safe type Ex ia Ⅱ C T1 ~ T6 Gb Flameproof type
Intrinsic safety parameters:  Ui≤28V  Ii≤100mA  Pi≤0.7W  Ci≤0.021μF  Li≈0mH
Installation height:     DN(15 ~ 200) standard type vertical height 250mm ;
The height of high-pressure instrument with pressure greater than (6.3-10) MPa and diameter greater than or equal to DN80 is 300 mm.
Others:                         please consult with manufacturer before ordering
Medium viscosity:     DN15: η> 5mPa.s(S15.0 ~ S15.3), η>30mPa.s(S15.4 ~ S15.10)
DN25: η>250mPa.s
DN(50 ~ 200): η>300mPa.s
Special viscosity medium measurement needs viscosity correction, please consult with manufacturer before ordering.

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