CJT FL Flanged Level transmitter

The mounting flange of CJT FL flanged level transmitter adopts ANSI2-,3-,4-in(with the flange rating class 150 lb, class 300 lb, and class 600 lb) or DN50, 80, or DN100mm(with the flange rating PN1.6, PN6.4 MPa, and PN10MPa). Other special mounting flanges can also be offered according to your requirements.

  • Accuracy: ±0.2 of span
  • ±0.2% of  URL for 12 months
  • Span Turn-down Capacity: Up to 6:1
  • Static Pressure Effect: ±0.3% of  URL

Download the catalog: SICJ2-PTEN-00B


Wetted Materials:

Isolating diaphragms: 316L SST, Hastelloy C, tantalum, titanium

Drain/Vent valves: 316 SST

Process flanges and adapers: 316SST

Wetted o-rings: Nitrile rubber

No-wetted materials:

Fill fluid:  Silicon oil, Santitary filled liquid, Inert filled liquid

Nuts and blots: 304 SST

Electronics housing: Low-copper aluminum

Caver o-rings: Nitrile rubber

Process connections:

High pressure side:
ANSI2-, 3- or 4-in., Class 150 lb, 300 lb or 600 lb flange;
DN50, 80 or 100mm, PN1.6, 6.4MPa or PN10MPa flange
Low pressure side:
¼-18NPT on flange ½-14NPT on adapter

Connector (Optional):

½-14 NPT female thread oval flange with Ф14 induced pressure tube welded behind

T-shaped adapter:

M20×1.5 T-shaped male thread connecting block with Ф14 induced pressure tube welded behind.

Mounting bracket:

Bend Bracket, Pipe Mounted (2 in.), Flat Bracket, Pipe Mounted (2 in.)

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