CJT DP differential pressure transmitter

  • up to 0.1% accuracy
  • ±0.1% of the upper range limit (URL) for 1 years
  • has a longer service life
  • the use of safe and reliable and convenient

Download the catalog: SICJ2-PTEN-00B


Wetted Materials:

Isolating diaphragms: 316L SST, Hastelloy C

Drain/Vent valves: 316 SST

Process flanges and adapers: 316SST

Wetted o-rings: Fluororubber, Teflon, Nitrile rubber

No-wetted materials:

Fill fluid:  Silicon oil, Fluorinated oil

Nuts and blots: 304SST

Electronics housing: Low-copper aluminum

Caver o-rings: Nitrile rubber

Process connections:

Flanged process connection: 1/4-18NPT

Connector (Optional):

½-14 NPT female thread oval flange with Ф14 induced pressure tube welded behind

T-shaped adapter:

M20×1.5 T-shaped male thread connecting block with Ф14 induced pressure tube welded behind.

Mounting bracket:

Bend Bracket, Pipe Mounted (2 in.), Flat Bracket, Pipe Mounted (2 in.)


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