SQI Series Batch Controller

SQI Series Batch Controller is designed for loading and unloading of petroleum, chemical raw materials liquid material etc. It works with high-precision volume or mass flowmeter, as well as necessary anti-static, anti-overflow and other safety interlocking measures, to realize automatic control of valve and pump. It ensures high safety, precision, and efficiency of batch transportation of liquid products. The equipment user interface is friendly, safe, reliable.



The feature of SUPCON SQI Series Batch Controller

  • Two working modes: Remote and on-site modes.
  • Real-time temperature compensation.
  • Full-process flow rate control to prevent the electrostatic accumulation of petroleum products and water hammer effect.
  • Support the numerical control valve (Electro-hydraulic valve), two-stage ball valve, switch valve, and control valve. The control parameters are configurable.
  • Multiplex RS485 communication, can direct communication with the third party system while batch controller communicating with the upper computer of loading.
  • Power-down data protection and recovery data function.
  • Anti-static, anti-oil spill, emergency parking interlocking, etc., can customize interlocking signals and equipt a two-way reliable emergency stop device both software and hardware.
  • One card and digital password authentication support various IC cards and multi-level authority management.
  • 7 “color screen to monitor the status of the whole loading in real-time.
  • Support to fill material on proportional.



  • Explosion-proof: ExdIIBT6Gb
  • IP Grade: IP65
  • I/O channel(Surge prevention function) : AI(4~20)mA, AO(4~20)mA, DI (dry contact)
  • DO(dry contact), PI(5V/24V)
  • Communication interface: RS485(4 channels)
  • Working Voltage : (180~260)VAC, (47~63)Hz, Power≤20W
  • Working temperature: -40℃~﹢60℃
  • Relative Humidity: 5%~95%RH
  • Keyboard: Hall effect reinforcement button, not corroded by common chemicals

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