R5000 paperless recorder

The R5000 is a 32-bit ARM processor-based paperless recorder. With a 10.4″ TFT color LCD, it offers up to 32 analog inputs, 8 analog outputs and 32 alarm outputs. Meanwhile, the R5000 provides the RS-232C/RS485 communication interface, USB disk to connect with computer and transmitter power supply.

  • 32 Analog inputs
  • 8 Analog outputs
  • 32 Alarm outpus
  • Transmitter power supply
  • Mass Flow Compensation
  • Square Root Extraction
  • 4 Non-linear Tables
  • Setting Backup
  • USB Flash Disk


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R5000 up to 32 channels paperless recorder

  • Long-term History Data Record

Up to 128MB inbuilt memory is provided for long-term history data storage. For instance, when 10 channels are activated and recording period is set to 10s, about 8170 hours data can be logged uninterruptedly. The recording period is opional from 1s to 4 hours. Any history data in R5000  can be transferred to PC by communication or USB disk.

  • Removabel Media

USB disk is accepted to transfer the history data and settings data from instrument to PC.

  • Mass Flow Compensation

In case of mass flow compensation in flow measurement, the R5000 32 channel paperless recorder provides 5 preset selections, SHS(superheated steam), STS(saturated steam), GAS(idea gas), LPS(linear pressure compensation), and LTC(linear temperature compensation)

  • Communication

2 series communications are catered for including RS-232C and RS-485 using the Modbus protocol and GPRS with RS-232C is also provided.

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