• Magnetostrictive liquid level gauge is a high-precision liquid level measurement product, and has been widely used. According to the time difference between the sending and receiving of the pulse, the liquid level height can be accurately measured and converted into electrical signal output for remote control. Download the catalog:SISL8-PTEN-00A-ayvmbe.pdf
  • SL20 float level gauge (switch output), also known as float level switch, is a kind of level control switch. It can bear the pressure of 2.5MPa at most, which is especially suitable for liquid level control or alarm in inflammable, explosive and closed high pressure occasions. √ Safe and reliable operation with high stability √ Easy installation, maintenance-free √ A group of normally open and normally closed passive √ Contacts are used for liquid level alarm or control Download the catalog:SISL2-PTEH-00A-qqjjfa.pdf
  • SL10 Magnetic Column Liquid Level Gauge can be used to detect the liquid level and boundary position of various tower, tank, spherical vessel and boiler.It is not affected by temperature change, and there is no blind area in the whole process. It can display on the spot, remote output and control alarm, widely used in electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, environmental protection, shipping, food and other industries. √ Corrosion resistance, explosion-proof √ Large measuring range, not limited by the height of the container √ Intuitive display, variable display direction Download the catalog: SISL1-PTEN-00A
  • SL90 Radar Level Meter
    SL90 Radar Level Meter can be installed in all kinds of metal and nonmetal containers, reactors or solid silos under complex measurement conditions, and can be used for non-contact continuous measurement of liquid, slurry and particle level. They are suitable for the working conditions with great changes of dust, temperature and pressure. √ Non-contact, no wear, no pollution √ Easy to install √ Small beam angle, concentrated energy √ High frequency √ Smaller measurement blind area √ High signal-to-noise ratio √ Shorter wavelength, better reflection on inclined solid surface √ Hardly affected by corrosion and foam Download the catalog: SISL9-PTEH-00A