SUPCON Loading System Solutions

High Precision, High Efficiency, High Safety

SUPCON Smart Ration Loading System aims to provide customers with high safety, precision, efficiency, and low maintenance cost a one-stop solution . Taking the SQI Series Batch Controller and Inscan SQS loading integration software as the core, the system has powerful software and hardware integration capability to connect with SCADA, DCS, ERP, and other third-party systems to realize full-system data synchronization.

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SUPCON quantitative loading system is widely applicable to the loading and unloading of oil and liquid chemical in oil depots, refineries, chemical plants fields. The system operation is convenient, easy to learn and use. Vehicle loading and unloading are safer and faster, and management personnel saves time and effort. It is an ideal product to realize loading and unloading and business management.

Railway loading
Gasoline loading
Liquefied Gas Loading
LNG Loading