With the development of wireless technology, more and more wireless products make our work and life more convenient, such as Bluetooth mouse/keyboard, Bluetooth headset/speaker etc. Similarly, wireless technology is also being used more and more widely in the industrial field. For example, intrinsic safety barriers as a common equipment in process industrial process control, after they are installed in the cabinet, whether it is in factory FAT or pre-drive commissioning, it is often necessary to adjust configuration  or debug signal.

How to configure the intrinsic safety barrier before?

Since the launch of intrinsic safety barriers, most companies used the communication line & conversion device & computer to configure signal as following pictures.

intrinsic safety barrier cable

SUPCON HD55 Bluetooth Configuration Mode and Android APP

In order to improve the operation, SUPCON launched the new Bluetooth configuration products— HD55 and Android APP Inscan HDC on May 2019. Android smartphone can install the APP by scanning the QR code. After accessing the HD55 into the HD5500 safety barrier,  APP can read and configure the signals easily.

Applicable Model:

  • HD5573 temperature transmitter
  • HD5575 temperature transmitter
  • HD1071 /HD1072/HD1076/HD107 etc.
HD55 bluetooth mode 1

If you want to know more information about HD55 Bluetooth configuration mode, welcome to contact us for free.