After evaluation by the panellists in 2019 PetroChina pressure transmitter centralized procurement biding meeting, SUPCON pressure transmitter with its advanced performance, perfect quality certification and management, complete production equipment and performance in the industry, has successfully been the A grade supplier and entered into the framework agreement.

PetroChina supplier

The winning bid not only makes SUPCON Instrument Co., LTD first become the official designated partner of PetroChina, the world top 500 enterprises. It also means that SUPCON diaphragm pressure transmitter becomes the other recognized product after SUPCON DCS, SIS, safety Barrier and valve what has gained recognition of key central enterprises and highlights the strength and potential of SUPCON transmitter.

The winning bid is both the beginning and the direction, as well as the higher requirements about the quality performance, delivery, business cooperation and so on.

SUPCON has devoted to research and development diaphragm pressure transmitter since 2004. In 2016, SUPCON launched the third generation product with its technological advantage. The development cycle of each generation product takes about more than 4 years, through more than 3000 hours strict development tests ensure that the product meets high design requirements in the mechanical structure, electrical performance and physical and chemical properties.

SUPCON has strict manufacturing process during production. Even moment of force for each screw,  each calibration, all use the machine to realize in order to avoid factitious factors.

SUPCON also has a complete quality management system, can trace each calibration equipment to METAS, ensure the product parameters are controllable. The production data and raw material have a unique serial number. Production server records all data of the whole process can check and source at any time.

diaphragm pressure transmitter

With abundant intelligence and experience of the process in industries, SUPCON can recommend the most suitable transmitter products as soon as possible.  So far this year, SUPCON actively responded to China RoHS 2.0, all PCB cards of pressure transmitter has realized the lead-free process.

In the future, SUPCON will better our technological advantage, work with our partners all around the world to create more values.